Marketing attracts more buyers

It pays to cast your net wide.

Because buyer interest is highest during the first three weeks of a property being exposed to the market, it is wise to invest in a marketing campaign that will reach as many potential buyers as possible over that key period. This will involve Internet marketing, advertising in selected newspapers and publications as well as utilising the whole spectrum of multi-media tools available to us.

Remember, you’re not trying to get just one buyer, you want several buyers competing for ownership of your property.

The size of the marketing campaign, its reach, and the investment made in it are extremely important. Factors such as the size of advertisements, the strength and impact of the message, the inclusion of colour photographs, the circulation and readership figures of target publications – everyone directly affects the result you achieve.

Where will your buyers come from?

The wider you cast your marketing net, the more buyers you will attract to view your property. You’ll also have a better chance of finding premium price buyers. Listing with Harcourts also means your property automatically gains international exposure through our online database and increasingly popular website.