Understanding today’s real estate market

These days, time is a limited and precious resource, especially quality family and leisure time. These increasing time pressures have been instrumental in changing the way real estate is bought and sold.

The traditional role of the real estate agent has changed significantly too. Now with the Internet and the proliferation of newspaper supplements, tabloid property publications, open homes, and sign boards, it’s possible for potential buyers to do a lot of the initial work themselves, before even contacting a real estate company. The days of being driven around by a property consultant to look at properties which may have been totally unsuitable or out of the buyer’s price range are gone.

In fact, real estate is now primarily a marketing exercise. Recognising this, Harcourts has re-defined the role of its property consultants from salespeople to skilled marketers and negotiators.

Our responsibilities are:
• To market your property as widely and as effectively as possible
• To attract as many potential buyers as possible
• To negotiate the best price for you
• To assist your sale through to a successful settlement Before this can happen, however, a number of factors need to be considered so that I can, as your property consultant, prepare the ideal marketing strategy specifically tailored to your home.

These include:
• The current real estate climate and supply of buyers
• Recent sales statistics in your local area
• Your competition in the market